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Banking wendyOptions

When you arrive, you will most likely want to find a bank! In the Santa Barbara area, the bank that is most "international-user friendly" (ie. has locations in other countries and offers all international banking services) is Bank of America.



Here are a few banking locations close to campus:

Bank of America: 1096 Coast Village Rd. (805) 695-8835

Union Bank: 1106 Coast Village Rd. (805) 963-7511

Wells Fargo Bank: 1482 E. Valley Rd. (805) 969-3242

Many Westmont students bank at one of the above-mentioned institutions. Bank America and Union Bank have locations that are conveniently located within walking distance of Shuttle stop #1. (The Westmont shuttle runs daily. For a complete Shuttle schedule, please click here.)

Note: While Wells Fargo does not have a branch within walking distance of a Shuttle stop location, Wells Fargo has an ATM machine just inside of Vons, off of Shuttle stop #1.

Note: Bank of the West has an ATM in the upstairs Kerr Student Center (KSC) at Westmont.