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Health and Travel Insurance information for International, TCK and MK students

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Students attending Westmont College with an F-1 student visa are required to maintain adequate F-1 visa insurance coverage while studying in the USA. There are no insurance requirements set forth by the US Department of State, however Westmont College, like most colleges, requires you to purchase insurance for the full duration of your stay in the United States. While Westmont does provide basic health care to all students at its on-campus clinic, for broken bones, x-rays and major medical emergencies and visits to the dentist, you will be referred out to a local health care provider, where you woul d need to provide evidence of your own insurance. This is particularly important because parents are living out of the country, and it's especially critical if you are an athlete or have a heath condition requiring ongoing medical supervision.

Below are student health insurance programs that have been considered by families of international, TCK and MK students. Please note that Westmont College does not endorse any particular company and that this information is provided as a courtesy for international students needing to purchase insurance. 

Betins International Health and Travel Insurance: Several different types of health and and travel insurance are offered and is used by most of our students.

International Student Insurance: This is the most popular insurance among our international students.

Academic Health Plans International Student Health Insurance plan is offered, and meets the F-1 regulations and are affordable.

United Health Care-Student Insurance Division (SID): A variety of student health insurance programs are offered, including several to international students.

Rust and Associates Premier International Health Insurance

Insurance for Students, Inc.


Geo Blue (Students with US passports and an international address have found this insurance suits their need.)

HTH Travel Insurance

Bupa Global

Aetna International

Once you have secured insurance, please email Linnie Aikens-Avila, International Student Advisor, with a copy of your health insurance prior to your arrival on campus.