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Transfer Students

Research on transfer students reveals that engaging in the following three things will aid transfer students' adjustments:

1. Talk with your advisor: Your professors at Westmont also serve as your advisors. They are brilliant, wise, and desire to walk with you through your Westmont journey.

2. Get to Know Faculty and Staff: Westmont's Student Government, WCSA, is proud to sponsor a program that allows students to get to know their professors by treating them to lunch.

" Dont' be afraid to talk to a professor. Some students flush like strawberries when a professor asks a simple question. Relax. Breathe. A professor has to eat and shower up, just like you" (Dr. Randall J. VanderMay, Professor of English)

3. Engage in "High Impact" Activities such as: Studying Abroad, Internships, Faculty Research, Senior Capstone Course or Senior Seminar


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