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Transfers: Transition Well

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As a transfer or consortium student you will have many different experiences from those of first-year students. Some of you have had time to adjust to the increased freedoms of being in college and separated from your family. Yet you will be entering the culture of a new campus. After listening to many of our transfer and consortium students, we offer the following suggestions for areas in which you might need to adjust.


No doubt you have heard that Westmont is an academically rigorous place. It will most likely be more difficult than the college you came from. Many of our transfers say they have ended up reading more and spending more time studying than before. To help in this adjustment, here are some words of advice:

  • Take advantage of study groups
  • Don’t schedule too many extra-curricular commitments (15 hours maximum)
  • Talk to your professors (during office hours) and to fellow students

Social Life

You will be leaving your established friends and starting over. This could be tough. We will work to help you meet a variety of people, but you must be willing to initiate contact with other students. Here again, some advice:

  • Take part in Orientation! Although it may seem like you don’t need to, you will meet tons of people. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the culture of the campus.
  • Get to know your resident assistant (R.A.). R.A.s know people and would love to introduce you.
  • Give it time. Relationships take time to develop. Try to be patient.

For more suggestions, be sure to read a transfer student’s account of her transition in this booklet. If you have any problems, be sure to let your resident director know!