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Transportation options from Campus

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Montecito government regulates the number of cars that Westmont students can park on campus. As a result, all first year students are not allowed to operate a vehicle. Regardless of whether you have a US driver's license or a car, because of this stipulation, no first year student will be able to have a vehicle on campus.

To compensate for this legal code, Westmont provides two great alternate transportation options. We provide:

-- A regular shuttle service: The Westmont shuttle picks up from various locations at Westmont and drops off at six different locations in Montecito/downtown SB. The shuttle runs everyday. For specific pick up/drop off times, please click here.

-- Dial-A-Ride service: For those places that are not within reach of the shuttle stop locations, you can make a reservation with the Dial-A-Ride coordinator to be picked up at Westmont and dropped off at the destination of your choice (anywhere between Carpinteria and UCSB). For details of this service or to reserve Dial-A-Ride, please click here.

Note: The Dial-A-Ride Service can be used for holiday travel--to area bus stations, train stations, or the SB Airport. Please contact Dial-A-Ride in advance to see if Dial-A-Ride can accommodate you to your destination