Carmen McCain, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English
(805) 565-7220

Office Location

Reynolds Hall 106

Office Available

Spring 2022
Tuesdays 3:20-4:20pm
Thursdays 3:20-5:20pm
and by appointment


Postcolonial studies and cultural studies, film studies, African literature and film with a specialty in Nigerian and Hausa-language cultural production, Nollywood Studies, politics of language, translation.


Dr. McCain, a former senior lecturer at Kwara State University in Nigeria, came to Westmont in 2016. A graduate of Messiah College, she completed her doctorate in the Department of African Languages and Literature (now the Department of African Cultural Studies) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She studies postcolonial literature, film, and popular culture in Africa, with special interest in Nigerian Hausa-language cinema and the translation of Hausa texts into English. At Kwara State, she led the Centre for Nollywood Studies, a resource center on Nigerian film. At Westmont, she teaches the literature of the Global South, which includes Africa, Latin America and  Asia, including the Middle East.