Michael Kong

Orientation Team

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology/Behavioral Neuroscience

Hometown: Gilroy, CA

What is one resource students should know about?  Counseling Center: It's a great place to go to process life in a completely private space with a trained professional. You might end up finding something out about yourself that you didn't know before! It's also free!

Favorite class and why?  Chemistry Lab because everything we observe there has a rationale and is practical for explaining day to day phenomena. It's hard, but it's satisfying and fun.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Bring a good attitude and an open mind. Also bring extra utensils and bowls and plates to use when you share food with friends. It would be a good idea to bring extra binders to organize your syllabi and work that is handed back to you. Other good things to bring would be Febreze, garbage bags, a good rain jacket, and a stapler (no one brings these and ends up using mine all the time).

Don't bring too much clothes because you'll probably end up bringing more and more back after every time you go home and then you'll have a ton of clothes to bring back in the summer.