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Hear what our students are saying


"It was real-World; it was applicable; it was practical."

Chloe Johnson ’17 English


reframing our worldview

Christine Nathanson ’16 Theater Arts.

“Westmont Downtown reframed my entire worldview. It challenged the way I think about injustice and business and capitalism and how God’s Gospel and capitalism are very compatible and how we can use those things as God’s disciples to end oppression and loosen chains and empower individuals.”


Michael Frigon ’17 History

“The Westmont Downtown program doesn’t just prepare you for the workplace; it prepares you to find your calling.”


experiential learning

Chloe Johnson ’17 English

"We dove into experiential learning through internships and wide-thinking. I grew to understand my place as an image-bearer of God in Santa Barbara, geographically, demographically, and within social issues begging to be explored . . . Through Saturday adventures, contests in innovative creation, reams and reams of prayer, the loss and eventual strengthening of emotional controls, executive summaries, mind-blowing bible studies, and a semester’s more of outstanding instruction, I’ve been altered.”


“Westmont Downtown showed me the power of owning my story.”

Annie Koeller ’16 Social Entrepreneurship