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Will my internship receive credit in my major?

It absolutely can. You will have three options: 1. Take 8-units toward your major (depending on departmental guidelines and approval); 2. Take 4-units for your major or minor and 4-units of IS 190 (see above); 3. Take 8-units as IS 190. Please check with the CSE Director for more information.

What GEs can I satisfy?

Several. The core seminar, EB/SOC 183, satisfies the Understanding Society GE. Offered in the fall, HIS 177 (Transnational America) satisfies Thinking Historically and Thinking Globally. Elective courses do vary each semester. For further specifics, check out the list of courses.

How does the core seminar differ from other courses?

Lots of hands-on learning and little time in a formal classroom. Students will work either individually or in groups to act on a big idea, shadow social enterprises, and orient social change endeavors within a Biblical way of thinking and acting.

I’m a science major. Will this program really work for me?

In most cases, yes! And we have some exciting internship opportunities for students with your training. Contact Dr. Rachel Winslow for assistance in making the program fit into your schedule.

What makes the Westmont Downtown semester in Social Entrepreneurship experience distinctive?

The program wants to produce thoughtful—and employable—changemakers. As part of this vision, we want students to learn while doing, expanding the classroom walls so students can connect with a host of community leaders and partners. When completing assignments, students will engage with some of the latest technology and collaborate with like-minded peers.

Where could I get a job after all this?

The possibilities are endless. For-profits, non-profits, and government agencies all have social change initiatives and enterprises. Regardless of your ultimate goal, the program will help you to build the skills that will prepare you for both the job right out of college and a lifetime of meaningful work.

Where is it located?

The program, and the headquarters for Westmont Downtown, is located at 26 W. Anapamu Street on the 3rd floor. It is in the Upper Downtown area, close to businesses, local government, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping, and public transportation.

Where will I live?

Just like students who qualify to live off-campus, Westmont Downtown students will find housing in the private market. Students are free to live with other program students or live with their friends—it’s completely flexible. Westmont Downtown program staff will provide housing support and resources throughout.

Do I still go to chapel?

Nope. Students in the program will have a separate devotional component focused around the program’s themes. But if there’s a chapel speaker you’d like to hear, you are welcome to go.

Can I go to campus for dances, sporting events, or a club meeting?

Absolutely. You are free to visit campus for events or to just catch up with friends. (Although your friends might quickly discover the cool factor in meeting up downtown.)

Are there restrictions on what I can participate in on campus?

A few. In general, the programwill not be a good fit in a semester that you plan to play a sport, lead a campus club, or take a class on campus. But there are exceptions. Contact program staff for more information.

Is it the same cost as a semester on-campus at Westmont?

Most likely less. The tuition remains the same, but room and board costs typically decrease for students living off-campus. Plus, most internships will include a small stipend.