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Our Team

Rachel Rains Winslow, Director and Assistant Professor of History

Rachel WinslowRachel Winslow is a twentieth-century U.S. historian with a background in
non-profit leadership, community development, and campus ministry. Before receiving her Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012, she worked for a variety of non-profit organizations including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Rochester After School Academy, Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS), and an international adoption agency. She has also volunteered as a neighborhood board member, a community tutor, and a graduate student advocate to the UC Regents. As this background suggests, she firmly believes that history is "not even past," to borrow Faulkner's language, offering us necessary perspective to shape how we act and question in the present. Her book, The Best Possible Immigrants: International Adoption, Social Policy, and the American Family, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017) explores how social policies move from emergency measures to fixtures of U.S. political culture

Holly Beers, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

hbsHolly Beers arrived at Westmont in 2012. She teaches the required Introduction to New Testament course as well as Biblical Greek and upper-level New Testament courses that include Jesus in the Gospels and Topics in New Testament. Her specialty areas include Luke-Acts, the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, philosophical hermeneutics, and second temple Judaism. Her publications include the articles"Servant of Yahweh" in Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (IVP, 2013);“A Story that Teaches: The Theology of Acts” in Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics (Institute for Faith and Learning, 2015); and "A 'Reflexive Trust' in the Authority of Scripture" in Biblical Inspiration and the Authority of Scripture (Wipf and Stock, 2015). She also recently published her first monograph, entitled The Followers of Jesus as the Servant: Luke’s Model from Isaiah for the Disciples in Luke-Acts (T&T Clark, 2015). Her current projects include writing Greek devotionals for pastors; highlighting the New Exodus overtones of Mark 6 by comparing Mark to another Second Temple Jewish text; illuminating the Isaianic "servant" theme in Luke-Acts in light of the Trito-Isaianic development of Deutero-Isaianic material; and exploring the intersection of the daily lives of women in the 1st C. Roman empire, the ecclesiology of the New Testament church, and Luke-Acts.

Holly studied at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN (B.A.), Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN (M.A.T.S.), and London School of Theology in London, England (Ph.D.). She is married to the world’s most supportive husband, Max, and has two sons and a daughter with Old Testament, rather than New Testament, names: Noah, Moses, and Eden.


Rick Ifland, Associate Professor and Director of the Eaton Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Rick IflandRick Ifland is a successful entrepreneur and private equity investor. He started a company that transformed automation of the mortgage credit industry, eventually selling it to a Fortune 500 company. He has since purchased 29 companies, improving and then selling 24 of them. Still active as an executive or shareholder in five ventures as the general partner of Oxford Holdings LLC, he plans to engage students in his work, exposing them to businesses as varied as new product medical device innovation, air ambulance transportation and global research. While excellence in business typically translates into making a profit, Ifland also seeks to make a difference. He's led and established non-governmental organizations to help the poor in the Middle East and Africa.

Alex Lillenberg, Program Coordinator

Alex LillenbergAlex graduated from Westmont in 2013 with a degree in Religious Studies and a minor in Political Science. During her time as a Westmont student Alex was involved in Off Campus Ministry, Student Leadership, and Residence Life. After graduating she spent nine months working for a non-profit in Western New York. She then moved back to California to work as an Assistant in the Student Life Office at Westmont. Now a part of the Westmont Downtown team, she continues to use her past experiences in the planning and administration of the program.

Jeff Shaffer, Community Liaison

Jeff ShafferJeff lives in Buellton with his wife Juia and three chilren - Kairos, Kennah, and Kalum. He has worked in Santa Barbara since 1992 and founded the Uffizi Mission Project under Christian Associates in 2005. Uffizi has since become the Uffizi Order and he is currently the Director of Missional Initiatives. He is also involved with Common Groun Santa Barbara County and is the Coorinator of C3H - The Central Coast Collaborative on Homelessness.


Edward Song, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Internships

Edward SongEd grew up in central Virginia and has degrees from Yale (BA), Oxford (MA), and the University of Virginia (Ph.D.). Before arriving at Westmont, he was an associate professor of philosophy at Louisiana State University. Ed is married to Felicia Song, who teaches in the sociology department at Westmont. They have two children. He is an avid runner, cyclist, and cook. His favorite color is blue; he thinks the zone read will work in the NFL; and he wonders why everyone in the world isn't Anglican.




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