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Students participating in Westmont Downtown's semester-long program will:

  • Learn by doing

    The program roots the internship experience to a core seminar that offers skills-based curriculum, co-curricular activities, and technological innovation. Program participants will generate ideas for social change and then act on them.

  • Engage locally

    Curriculum will highlight global realities while providing opportunities for students to apply their new knowledge in a local context. Students will be transformed through engagement with the broader Santa Barbara community, close relationships with faculty mentors, and independent research projects.

  • Practice their faith

    Students will be encouraged to develop reflective, faith-based practices as they ponder social change through disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, and worship.

Who can participate?

Second-semester sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all disciplines who are interested in pursuing civic good in business, government, and non-profits. Staff will tailor internship placements to each student, ensuring that students from a range of majors can find a great fit.

Hear what the program did for one for student...

Another altogether memorable educational experience was my participation as an inaugural member of Westmont’s Downtown semester in Social Entrepreneurship. During fall semester 2014, a smooth-talking professor, and the work of the Holy Spirit resulted in my enrollment in the brand new, completely unexpected off-campus program in Santa Barbara. Through Saturday adventures, contests in innovative creation, reams and reams of prayer, the loss and eventual strengthening of emotional controls, executive summaries, mind-blowing bible studies, and a semester’s more of outstanding instruction, I’ve been altered. Dr. Rachel Winslow fearlessly led our pack of nine (deemedThe Guinea Pigs) into the trenches of things not attempted in “normal” schooling. We dove into experiential learning through internships and wide-thinking. I grew to understand my place as an image-bearer of God in Santa Barbara, geographically, demographically, and within social issues begging to be explored. Our schoolwork did not allow itself to be restrained to the walls of our (beautiful, new, Apple-TV decorated) classrooms. My work as a Young Life leader at Santa Barbara High School was intrinsically incorporated into my work as a student at Westmont College.

It was real-world; it was applicable; it was practical. And yet, it was explosively cutting-edge. Each day, walking into the Downtown Center felt like a trueexhale. It was a safe space. It was a space to try new things and to be encouraged. It was a place drenched in affirmation of our own God-given traits and experiences and processes. It was exactly what I hope for my future classroom.

--Chloe Johnson, English major

Any questions? Don't hesitate to call, email, or stop by:

Westmont Downtown
26 W. Anapamu Street, 3rd Floor
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: (805) 565-6300