Board Meeting Materials, January 2016

Westmont Fountain


Mission Driven Innovation: An Empirical Study of Adaptation and Change among Independent Colleges, By James C. Hearn and Jarrett B. Warshaw


Sabbatical Proposals:

Paul Delaney, Spring 2017

Second volume of Tom Stoppard in Conversation. 

Michelle Hughes, Spring 2017

Research and writing on dispositions in teachers and pre-service teachers.

Wayne Iba, Full year 2016-17

Research and writing projects on “The power of one” and evolutionary algorithms; development of a proposal for a Mayterm program focusing on environmental sustainability.

Susan Penksa, Full year 2016-17

Field research and writing on global and Transatlantic security, international conflict, post‐conflict stabilization, American foreign policy, and gender.

Marianne Robins, Spring 2017

Research and writing on the motivations of the people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.

Jeff Schloss, Full year 2016-17

Research and writing projects dealing with evolution, Christianity, morality, and the neurophysiological impact of group rituals and religious beliefs.

Niva Tro, Full year 2016-17

Revisions of two textbooks and development of new manuscript called 30-Second Chemistry for a series published by IVY Press.