Goals of the Martin Institute & Dallas Willard Center

The broad goals of the MI/DWC include:

  • Creation of a new generation of individuals who will become thought leaders in articulating and experiencing an interactive relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Establishment of the field of Christian spiritual formation as a discipline of public knowledge that is open to research and pedagogy of the highest order.

More specifically, the MI/DWC will:

  • Maintain an educational presence through publications, intensive spiritual formation educational programs, and the development of an interactive web site.
  • Cultivate a network of professional contacts through hosting and participating in conferences, and collaborating with other organizations that share the goals of the MI/DWC.
  • Develop a collection of materials accessible to researchers and other visitors.
  • Work with the faculty, student life and other departments at Westmont College to pilot a variety of spiritual formation programs and opportunities for students.