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Discoveries Made While Studying Abroad, Pt. 2: Adulthood

I would like to share another set of discoveries I have made this semester. These ones are the scary ones: they’re all about Adulting. On a study abroad semester, you are basically expected to take care of yourself. It may not be quite as drastic a change as moving from home to college, but it’s still very surprising

Discoveries Made While Studying Abroad, Pt. 1: Yourself

This post is the first of a three-part series that I am writing about my experience on England Semester. This post focuses on the Study Abroad Journey of Self-Discovery (*inspirational music plays*). I expected to learn quite a bit this semester, but I did not expect to learn so much about myself.

Finding Balance During the School Year

Planning, planning, planning. Procrastinating on the doing until I have an ideal vision of my day or week in my head--ultimately disappointed because life is never perfect....I have learned that God works through the unexpected.

Navigating Your Freshman Year

If you’re worried about jumping into the college atmosphere…you’re not alone. Here are a few things I learned from my freshman year that I would have loved to know before I got there.

Defending the Bubble

All my life I have been surrounded by a Christian community, and I can clearly see how it is preparing me for life in the secular world....I feel the protective Christian bubble I have been living in, but I don’t want to pop it.

Top 12 Dorm Snacks

Because the DC has limited hours (and because the college student is eternally hungry), dorm snacks are a must. Here are a list of my top 12 favorite dorm snacks, covering a wide range of tastes and locations!

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