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  • Things I Learned While Studying Abroad, pt. 3: The World

    I’m back!

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  • Stepping into God’s Global Mission

    For the past four years, I’ve thought a lot about my “calling.” Indeed, we are often exhorted to discover the calling that God has placed on our lives. Being at Westmont for the past few years has shown me that God’s plans for my life often tend to be different than my own. Moreover, his plans and will are always far better than my own. 

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  • Discoveries Made While Studying Abroad, Pt. 2: Adulthood

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  • Discoveries Made While Studying Abroad, Pt. 1: Yourself

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  • Finding Balance During the School Year

    Planning, planning, planning. Procrastinating on the "doing" until I have an ideal vision of my day or week in my head--ultimately disappointed because life is never perfect. It has taken me several years to accept the unexpected interruptions without being annoyed by them inhibiting my priorities. I have learned that God works through the unexpected.

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  • Navigating Your Freshman Year

    If you’re worried about jumping into the college atmosphere…you’re not alone. Here are a few things I learned from my freshman year that I would have loved to know before I got there.

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