Math Stamps!
You can download images of stamps with mathematicians and mathematics at these websites.
  • By Jeff Miller, mathematics teacher, Gulf High School in New Port Richey, Florida.

  • Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps

    Math Year 2000:  Posters in the London Underground
    During World Mathematical Year 2000, a sequence of posters designed at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences are being displayed month by month in the trains of the London Underground. We hope that these will stimulate, fascinate - even infuriate! But most importantly that they will bring maths to life, illustrating the wide applications of modern mathematics in all branches of science.

    THE PDK POSTER PROJECT:  Using Visual Means To Challenge Stereotypes

    The primary goal of this project is to encourage scientific literacy, and to promote the public's awareness and appreciation of science and technology by humanizing the image of research science and scientists. Its other major goal is mentoring women and girls who choose to pursue careers related to the physical sciences and mathematics, and to retain, at the high school and university levels, women who have already chosen such careers.

    The project represents an intersection between science and art, gender socialization, and education. It visualizes women in science and the role of personal choice in a life in scientific research.  The website contains pictures of the posters, ordering information as well as additional information about the people and mathematics depicted in the posters.

    Ideas from Jamie Blair that she used in her book: Prealgebra, second edition, by Jamie Blair, John Tobey and Jeff Slater, Prentice Hall 2002.