Bruce N. Fisk - Syllabi and Bibliographies

Current Syllabi - Spring 2006

RS10 Life and Literature of the New Testament

Past Syllabi

RS110 Life and Teachings of Jesus
RS111 Pauline Literature
RS113 New Testament Theology and Ethics 
RS114 The New Testament World
RS150 The Early Church in the Roman World
RS150E The New Testament World (Europe Semester, 2005)
IS116E & IS117E Arts and Ideas of the Western Tradition I-II
GRK1 Elementary Greek I
GRK2 Elementary Greek II
GRK 101 Intermediate Greek I
GRK102 Intermediate Greek II

Fuller Seminary
NS582 Biblical Narrative: Issues and Approaches
NS500 New Testament I: Gospels
New Testament 1: Gospels (ECD)

Briercrest Biblical Seminary
Intertestamental History and Literature
Paul: Life and Teachings
First Corinthians: Issues in the Christian Community

Life and Literature of the New Testament
Life and Teachings of Jesus
Pauline Literature
New Testament Theology and Ethics