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The Israel - Palestine Conflict - news sites, human rights groups and signs of reconciliation.
Crossings: A Place for Stories about Jesus, the New Testament and the Middle East - my lowly blog.
The Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown is Right - my contribution to the lively discussion about Jesus, Mary and Early Christianity.
BeliefNet - a lively, up to date collection of essays and blurbs tracing trends in religion and spirituality.
Jesus and the Gospel: What Really Happened? - a account of a conversations between Larry Hurtado, Alan Segal and John Kloppenborg.
Meaning of Life TV - an eclective collection of on-camera interviews of really bright people by Robert Wright. Topic: all things cosmic.
Mark Goodacre's New Testament Blog - a Duke University professor's take on happenings in New Testament studies, technology and popular culture. Part of his stellar site,
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus - historical and archaeological pages hosted by Professor James D. Tabor of UNC Charlotte.
The Five Gospels Parallels - a site from the University of Toronto that allows close comparison (in English) of the four Gospels and Thomas.
The Unbound Bible - Biola University's search engine for finding and comparing Biblical passages.
Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels - a growing collection of texts and resources on the Christian texts from the 1st two centuries, created by Andrew Bernhard.
Paul and Scripture - A collaborative bibliography by the members of the Paul and Scripture Seminar of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Bruce Fisk Associate Professor of New Testament

I am an Associate Professor of New Testament in the Religious Studies department of Westmont College. I teach Life and Literature of the New Testament to bright freshmen, and New Testament Greek and a handful of electives to upperclassmen: Life and Teachings of Jesus, Pauline Literature, New Testament Theology and Ethics, and The New Testament World. For the details, click on the Syllabi link on the left.

My Ph.D. in Religion is from Duke University (1997) in Durham, North Carolina. I earned an M. Div. and M.A. from Trinity Divinity School (1987). For more on my educational journey, follow the C.V. link at the left.

I have published a study guide to Paul's first letter to the Corinthians and a more technical volume on the ways Jews were interpreting Biblical (Old Testament) narrative in the first century: Do You Not Remember? Scripture, Story and Exegesis in the Rewritten Bible of Pseudo-Philo. (Long title--must be important.) For various articles and other published bits, click on both the C.V. link and, below that, on Articles and Reviews. I'm hard at work on a students' guide to the study of the Historical Jesus, and several other bits, including an article on Rewritten Scripture for a forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus and a paper on Jesus and Jerusalem.

Among my greatest delights are trips with students to the world of the earliest Christians: Israel / Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy. Most recently, July, 2006. This May / June (2007) I'll be guiding 18 students through the Middle East. When not writing or reading or leading trips, I enjoy hiking with my family and dog in the Sierras, snowboarding, swimming, writing poetry, walking on the beach, listening to music (Neil Young, Van Morrison, Bruce Cockburn, David Wilcox, Mark Heard, Pink Floyd, CSNY), watching basketball (Duke, Westmont), building stuff, worshiping at church and, recently, taking my old ten-speed up into the hills above Santa Barbara. Putting up with me are my dear wife Janice and our three kids: Ben, Alison and Donovan. Ever faithful is Strider, our border collie.

Current Semester Spring 2008

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RS 10 Life and Literature of the New Testament

Location: AC 101

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 - 9:50.

RS 10H Honors LIfe and LIterature of the New Testament

Location: AC 101

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 - 11:50

Intermediate Greek II

Location: PC 12

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:15 - 3:05

Office hours: Mon 11:30 - 1:00 & Tues: 9:00 - 10:30. In office or DC. Also by appointment..