Examination Dates
Exam 1: Monday, February 13
Exam 2: Friday, March 31

Final: Tuesday, May 2, 12:00–2:00 p.m.
Note: According to college policy, final exam times may only be changed by petition (available from the Registrar’s office) to the Academic Senate Review Committee at least two weeks prior to the examination date. Requests to change an exam time to accommodate travel plans are not granted by the committee. Students who have three exams scheduled on the same date will be allowed to change exam times, but a petition must still be filed with the Registrar’s office. For a complete description of Westmont’s final examination policies, as well as the final examination schedule, click here.

M&M’s Candy Percentages
Milk Chocolate Peanut
Cyan Blue: 24% Cyan Blue: 23%
Orange: 20% Orange: 23%
Green: 16% Green: 15%
Bright Yellow: 14% Bright Yellow: 15%
Red: 13% Red: 12%
Brown: 13% Brown: 12%

Following is part of an e-mail from Mars Chocolate North America, maker of M&M’s:
“Each large production batch is blended to those ratios and mixed thoroughly. However, since the individual packages are filled by weight on high-speed equipment, and not by count, it is possible to have an unusual color distribution.”