CS010 Introduction to Computer Science I
Fall 2007
Online Portfolio

For this assignment, you will create a simple website.  The website will serve as the starting point of your online portfolio that will be developed over the years spent at Westmont. You should read the general overview information in order to get the big picture. This page describes the requirements for the purposes of this class.

Front page

Create a front page. You should consider modeling this after a resume, but that is not required. The requirements for the front page is that it contain your name, contact information (email and/or phone), objective, and a link to your own CS010 page. You are welcome to include other information such as educational highlights, work experience, interests or hobbies.

While a formal section called "objectives" is not required, you must include information that describes (briefly) who you are and where you're headed. Traditionally, this takes the form of describing the kind of job one is seeking. I would like you to use it at this point as an opportunity to do some personal reflection on where you are and what you hope to do in your life.

CS010 page

Your CS010 page should include your own description of the course, a link to my CS010 page (https://www.westmont.edu/~iba/teaching/CS010), a description of one of your assignments together with a screen shot (may be either a lab, homework, or project), and a summary of what you have learned in the course.

Everything Else

That is about it. After you create (at least) these two pages, you should publish them somewhere on the web that I can access. If you do not have another site that you want to use, you can host your pages at the Westmont homepage server. There, you should follow the instructions for initializing the space for your pages and then uploading and maintaining your pages as you edit them. Submit the URL to your finished web pages using Eureka by the due date for this assignment.