CS10 -- Introduction to Computer Science I
Spring, 2004
(last updated 1/6/2004)


Wayne Iba,
office: new Math and Computer Science Building,
phone: 565-6799
Office hours: TBA (or other times by arrangement)
[required] Programming and Problem Solving with C++ (third Edition), by Nell Dale, Chip Weems, and Mark Headington, Jones and Bartlett, Boston (2002).
Time and place: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:15-3:05 pm, Voskuyl Library 106.

Syllabus (pdf).

Tentative class schedule

This course introduces students to solving problems using the programming language C++.  Students are not expected to have had any prior programming experience.  (Naturally, if you have some experience programming, you will find the basic material more accessible and I will be happy to give you additional and more challenging problems.)  We will cover the basic structure of computer systems and programming languages, go into more detail on solving problems by writing algorithms, and then cover in significant detail the programing language C++.  By the end of the semester, you will be reasonably fluent in C++.  We will model the course after learning a foreign language by immersion.  Each class meeting, we will introduce some new material, and then begin writing programs -- sometimes together, sometimes individually -- using the material just presented.

Other Resources:
Bruce Eckel's popular online book, Thinking in C++.  Please do not print this out.  If you would like a physical copy, please follow the links and purchase a copy.
Acknowledgements:  I may be using some of the slides that are provided by the textbook authors and publishers.  I may also be using materials that Dr. Kihlstrom has prepared and used when she has taught this course.