CS10 -- Introduction to Computer Science I
Spring, 2005
Additional Information
(last updated 1/7/2005)

Working Together:  In general, learning takes place best within a community.  However, when learning to write programs, there is a strong temptation to give and recieve help at a level of detail that prevents one of the parties from actually learning the skill.  If you are asked to give help, try to offer help by asking questions and leading your peers to discover the solution for themselves.  If you think you need help, first make sure you have followed the "other tips" below.

Submitting Assignments:  Whenever you are submitting an assignment (unless otherwise specified), you should submit a tar or zip file that unpacks into a folder named something like "jonesW1" for a student with email "jones" and a solutions to the exercises from week 1.  This folder should contain any files, which in turn, contain your Scheme code.

Other Tips:  Most people find that they cannot write a program as a stream of consciousness.  This is especially true of students first learning to design programs.  You will save yourself significant frustration if you follow several guidelines.