Term Project: Swarm Behavior

In this project, you will develop an integrated system in Racket that simulates and displays the movement of a swarm of critters. The final goal will be to model multiple swarms of bee-like insects.

Swarm models and animation have featured prominently in a number of movies such as Finding Nemo, Matrix: Revolutions, and the newer Star Wars, just to name a few. "Swarm intelligence" has also played a role in a developing field of emergent systems. The basic idea is that complex and unexpected behaviors may arise, or emerge, from the interactions between a population of simple and identical critters. Several links are included below with extensive information and further links.

We will start with modeling a simple flying insect and gradually add complexity until we have complete swarms coalescing and interacting. The project is divided into three parts, each one equally valued. Because each project deliverable builds on the previous ones, and because you cannot make up for a shoddy performance on the first deliverable with a stellar job on the final one, it is important that you gear up for this from the start.

Other Links

Papers on Swarms or Flocking: