CS30 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2004
Assignment 4
(updated 9/20/2004)

From the text (Budd's Classic Data Structures in Java), Chapter 4, pg 92:
Do number 2 in the Exercises but assume x >= 1.

Programming Projects: (Chapter 4, pgs 94-95)
1. (from the Budd text) Programming project 1.  (Binary search)
2. (from the Budd text) Programming project 5.  (Using Towers of Hanoi)
3. (from the Budd text) Programming project 7.  (More with Fibonacci numbers)

Submission Instructions:
On your machine where you are doing your homework, create a folder called <your email name> followed by "A4".  For example, someone with email address "cjones" would create a folder called "cjonesA4".  Inside that folder, place plain text file(s) containing your answers to any exercises.  Also, place whatever Java files are necessary for your Programming Projects in the same folder.  Finally, either tar or zip the folder so that when I extract it, the folder "<emailname>A4" will be createdIf you choose to use zip instead of tar, change the extension of the resulting zip file from "<something>.zip" to "<something>.foo".  This way, our webmail will allow you to attach the file.  If I get an attachment with extension .foo, I will change it back to .zip and all should be well.