CS30 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2004
Assignment 6
(updated 10/14/2004)

[no exercises this week.]

Programming Projects:
1. [Bonus] You should re-implement the Vector ADT introduced in Chapter 6 using the LinkedList ADT.  That is, instead of an array as the underline data container, use a linked list.  You should not need to modify the LinkedList at all.  You will be writing a single file, Vector.java, that will contain the new implementation of the ADT.  This will naturally use the LinkedList type and make calls to its methods.  For your own verification, you will want to create a test class that creates and manipulates your new Vector type.  Note, this test class should work equally well with the author's Vector type as your linked-list Vector type.

2. Extend the Asteroids game program from the text.  (1) Change the world so that asteroids and rockets can wrap around from top to bottom and side to side.  (2) Alter your Station class so that it can move up and down and left and right.  You do not need to get fancy with drawing the Station -- the existing line is sufficient.  However, your new station should also wrap just like the asteroids and rockets will after step 1.  (3)  When asteroids are reduced to zero size, remove them from the list of asteroids.  (4) After a rocket has hit an asteroid or has moved for 25 time steps, remove it from the list of rockets.

Submission Instructions:
On your machine where you are doing your homework, create a folder called <your email name> followed by "A6".  For example, someone with email address "cjones" would create a folder called "cjonesA6".  Inside that folder, place plain text file(s) containing your answers to any exercises.  Also, place whatever Java files are necessary for your Programming Projects in the same folder.  Finally, either tar or zip the folder so that when I extract it, the folder "<emailname>A6" will be created.  (Note: the '<' and '>' should not be part of your folder name.)  If you choose to use zip instead of tar, change the extension of the resulting zip file from "<something>.zip" to "<something>.foo".  This way, our webmail will allow you to attach the file.  If I get an attachment with extension .foo, I will change it back to .zip and all should be well.