CS30 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2005
Assignment 1
(updated 8/30/2005)

From the text (Budd's Classic Data Structures in Java), Chapter 1, pg 21:

Do numbers 1 and 2

Programming Projects:
Do number 1.  Here is a "driver" class that will exercise your PrintInt class.  You need to write the "PrintInt" class that is started on page 10 in the text and address the problem identified in the question on page 21.  Note, you will also have to implement the "digitChar(int)" method.  Also note, there are several typos in the code on pages 10 and 11.  See if you can find them.

Submission Instructions:
Your assignements should be submitted as a tar or a zip file.  It is important that when I unpack your submission, it create a folder with your name an assignment identifier (e.g., cjonesHW1).  Note that the Westmont mailer will generally reject attachments with a .zip extension.  If you will be using zip to package your submissions, change the extension to something like ".gak" or ".foo".  I'll change the extension back.  (Note, if you're using tar and gzip, a .tar or .tgz extension if fine.) 

Tentatively, you will email your solution to me by the deadline.  However, we may be using Eureka for future assignments (or perhaps even this one).  Stay tuned.