CS030 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2005
Assignment 8
(updated 10/25/2005)


Programming Project:
The task is to extend your Asteroids game to a multi-player network game using sockets.  The requirements are simply that each player (up to some limit that should be easily changed) in the game sees the bit of universe being modeled.  Each player sees the same asteroids and sees the other players in the game.  Players' stations should be drawn in a unique color.  Shooting should work as before except that if a rocket hits another station, the shooting station should lose points.  Points should be accumulated for reducing asteroids and should be lost for getting hit by asteroids (and hitting other stations).  Players' scores should be shown near their station and should appear on every player's display.

Submission Instructions:
Unlike previous assignments, this one is a group project and will not be submitted through Eureka.  Please email a .tgz file (gzipped tar file) at the due time.