CS030 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2005
Assignment 9
(updated 11/2/2005)


Programming Project:
This is another group project.  Here are the key elements of the assignment:

1. Turn the Caterpillar Game into a networked game similar to what was done with the Asteroids game.  I recommend that you use the Java LinkedList that effectively implements the Queue interface (although Java does not explicitly have such an interface).
2.  Make the caterpillars get longer.  On some regular basis (of your choosing), both caterpillars should get longer.
3.  Something to eat.  There should be an item in the "room" that is eaten by the first caterpillar to get there.  The first caterpillar should get points when eating the item.
4.  Each caterpillar should have its own score that gets carried over from room to room.
5.  The "room" ends when one of the caterpillars hits an obstacle (edge or caterpillar).  Provide a "survivor's bonus" either by adding or subtracting points appropriately.

Submission Instructions:
Submit a single gzipped tar file to me via email.