CS030 -- Introduction to Computer Science II
Fall, 2005
Project 3.2
(updated 11/30/2005)

Programming Project:
This week, you will complete the transformation system started last week.  This week, you will modify your program to create a series of web requests instead of creating three output files.  These web requests will be simply based on the data you previously were writing to the output files.  Since a set of input log files need to be processed, your program should either accept a command-line file name or prompt the user for a file name.  The contents of the specified files are lines containing the names of all the log files to be processed.  The program should process all of the log files before generating any web requests.

This is still a group project.  Use your team resources efficiently. 

The url that you need to produce for a mouse is as follows:
where the entry date is 10/28/2005, entry time is 10:14:19, etc. and the comments field is "no comments" (without the quotes -- note the '+' for the space).

The url for a transfer is:
where the entry date is 10/28/2005, entry time is 10:14:19, ..., new mark is B/T, ..., and comment is "move to breeder".  The log files do not specify the type of the cages.  Birth cages (breeder cages) are identified when birth dates are given.  In other words, the type is implicit in the column in which the cage number is given.

The url that you need to produce for a reading is as follows:
where the entry date is 10/28/2005, entry time is 10:14:19, wean cage is 123, mark is T, reading date is 10/24/2005, etc.

A warning: you'll notice that various odd characters such as spaces, colons, and slashes get represented in a special way within urls.  You'll want to find a table of these somewhere and prepare for possible other characters that could be entered by a user into the comment fields.  For example, single quotes, exclamation points, periods, pound signs would not be surprising -- just to name a few.

Submission Instructions:
Email a zip file containing a directory that contains all of your class files and a README file with any necessary instructions.