CS150 -- Computer Ethics
Spring, 2006
Current-Event Fridays
(last updated 1/11/2006)

For several reasons, it is important for you to be aware of current events, particularly as they relate to computer and information technology.  Thus, every Friday, we will discuss one or more current event involving some facet of Computer Ethics.  Everyone must come prepared to discuss a particular news item.  In order to do that, you must be regularly reading the news.  Don't wait until Thursday night to look for a story; spend 10 minutes every day scanning the headlines within a new source's legal or political category.  When you find a story the interests you, read the full article, and consider the ethical and technological issues involved.  Generate one or more launch-point questions for discussion.

On Fridays, bring to class a sheet of paper with your name on it and a title or heading for the issue.  You should include a short (one or two sentences each) identification of the ethical issues and technological issues.  (Be sure to keep them distinct.)  Below that, one or more discussion questions.

From everyone's submissions, I will semi-randomly select a topic to discuss.  Since you will all have access to the same news sources, I will expect each of you to be at least acquainted with the topic that gets selected.  If you need suggestions on where to look, try the newspapers in the library, Slashdot, or Google News.