CS116 - Artificial Intelligence
Spring, 2004
Second Project Deliverable
Due Friday Apr. 9, 5:00pm (WebCT)
(updated 4/3/2004)

This deliverable is worth 30% of your overall project grade.  This page describes details that will guide you in preparing your second deliverable.  Submit your deliverable via WebCT prior to the deadline.

Research Paper Project
For students completing the research paper, your second deliverable will consist of a complete draft.  You should include your annotated bibliography with any additions or modifications you have made after your first deliverable.  I am not using the term "rough draft" because it has too many different meanings (although your idea of a "rough draft" may correspond to what I'm expecting).  I expect your draft to be "complete" with respect to your research and content.  In other words, you have already done essentially all of the reading.  You should already know what you intend to say and pretty much say it.  Although some paragraphs may not be completely written, you should have a topic sentence and secondary text describing what still needs to be fleshed out the paragraph in such cases. 

This draft will be graded on completeness, content, and conceptual coherence.  Your draft is not expected to be polished.  I will be marking your papers with problems and suggestions.  Grammatical and stylistic problems will not impact your grade for this deliverable.  I will be comparing your final project submission with this draft and my comments.

Coding Project
Students completing a coding project should prepare a second deliverable that is a running system.  This version of your system should be complete in a "beginning to end" sense, but is not expected to contain or exhibit every intended functionality.  Be sure to include a separate README file that describes the current state of the system, what still needs to be done, and instructions for how to run and use your system. 

You will be graded on the completeness of your README file, the end-to-end functionality of your system, the clarity and usefulness of documentation, and your code style.  You will not be graded on functionality that you discuss in your README file as not yet implemented or completed.  However, your discussion in such cases should be detailed and comprehensive.