CS116 - Artificial Intelligence
Spring, 2004
Final Project Deliverable
Due Friday Apr. 30, 5:00pm (WebCT)
(updated 4/23/2004)

The final deliverable is worth 30% of your overall project grade.  This page describes details that will guide you in concluding your project.  Submit your deliverable via WebCT prior to the deadline.

Research Paper Project
For students completing the research paper, your final deliverable will consist of a final polished draft.  You should not include your annotated bibliography with your final paper.  Instead, you should have a References section starting on a separate page as described in the formatting instructions.  In contrast to your second deliverable where writing mechanics were not scored, your final draft is expected to be polished in every way.  

This draft will be graded on grammar, style and formatting (14pts), organization and conceptual coherence (8pts), and originality and depth of thought (8pts).  As mentioned earlier, I will be comparing your final paper with the comments I made on your second deliverable.

Formatting guidelines
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Coding Project
Students completing a coding project should prepare a final deliverable that includes (minimally) lisp source code and a README file.  In your README, be sure to describe (a) the state of the system, (b) instructions for how to run and use your system, and (c) what could still be done if you were to continue work on the project.  The README file is the extent of the writeup for your project, so make sure it is sufficiently detailed.  The README should be a plain-text document.

You will be graded on the completeness, clarity, and correctness of your README file (10pts), the end-to-end functionality of your system (10pts), and your coding style and documentation (10pts).