CS125 Self Evaluation

Due at START of class, Monday December 8

Instructions: Complete this form using either your favorite editor and printing, or by first printing the page and then answering the questions.  If I cannot read your handwriting, you will receive no credit for your self-evaluation.  Late self-evaluations will also receive no credit.  You are expected to answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your understanding of each of the following topics:
_____ Data modeling with E/R diagrams
_____ Data modeling with relations
_____ Data modeling with ODL
_____ Data modeling with XML
_____ Converting E/R diagrams to the relational model
_____ Functional dependencies
_____ Various normal forms and normalizing non-normal relations
_____ Writing simple SQL queries
_____ SQL joins
_____ SQL grouping
_____ Data warehousing/Data mining

Which topic or concept are you most satisfied with having substantially mastered and why?

Which topic or concept are you most disappointed about not fully grasping and why?

What are your thoughts about why this particular material proved difficult and what could you have done differently to better learn this material?

What grade would you like to get in this course (will be used as your self-evaluation grade component). __________

What grade do you think you deserve in this course (will not be used in your self-evaluation grade component). ___________