CS125 Project, Part 1

Due Friday, September 12, 2003

Part 1 of Your Database Project

Having submitted your project domain proposal (and received approval), your first step is to construct an entity-relationship diagram for the data.   As suggested in Project 0 assignment, your entity-relationship diagram should reflect a moderate number of entity sets and relationships -- in the 8-14 range.

You should certainly include different kinds of relationships (e.g., many-one, many-many) and different kinds of data (strings, integers, etc.), but your application is not required to use advanced features, such as subclassing, multiway relationsships, or weak entity sets, if they are not appropriate for your application.

Project 1 Deliverable

Specify an entity-relationship diagram for your proposed database. As always, don't forget to underline key attributes and include arrowheads and rounded arrows indicating the multiplicity of relationships. If there are weak entity sets, indicate them by double lines, as described in class.

Also, don't forget to save a copy of your E/R diagram for reference as you do Part 2 of the PDA.

Acknowledgements:  Most of the material for the project descriptions and assignments has been taken from Professor Ullman's website.