CS130 -- Software Development
Fall, 2003
(last updated 12/20/2003)


Wayne Iba,
office: new Math and Computer Science Building,
phone: 565-6799
Office hours: TTh 10am-noon, W 2-3pm (or other times by arrangement)
Object-Oriented and Classical Software Engineering (fifth edition), by Stephen R. Schach.  McGraw Hill.  (2002).  [required.  Unfortunately, this book is expensive; be aware that you could probably find it used at amazon for much less than at the bookstore.  --wfi]
The Mythical Man-Month (anniversary edition), by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.  Addison-Wesley.  (1995). [suggested]
Time and place: TTh, 8-9:50 am; PH 3

Official  Syllabus (OpenOffice, Word).  (Unofficial html syllabus.)

Tentative class schedule

For quite some time, software has been the limiting factor for most problem domains -- both in terms of functionality and in terms of cost.  The discipline of software engineering has grown up around the problem of designing, developing, testing, and maintaining large software systems.  The class covers an overview of software engineering and its methods and will engage in a reasonably large software development project.  This class will probably require the dominant share of your available time; please plan accordingly.

Project possibilities:
Acknowledgements:  I have borrowed extensively from Professor Richard Taylor's website at UC Irvine and specifically from his courses ICS52 and ICS125.  I will extensively use the lecture slides provided at Schach's textbook website.