CS 130, Software Development
Peer Evaluations

As part of your future careers, you will probably need to evaluate other people on their work.  You may be faced with difficult choices concerning staffing reductions or bonus distributions.  It will help if you are able to make such evaluations as rationally and objectively as possible.  Here, you have an opportunity to practice this skill.

You are required to evaluate yourself and your peers for your individual performances during the project.  The forms are due in class Tuesday December 9.  You will also be completing a course and instructor evaluation, so it is important to me that you attend class on Tuesday.  In order to help motivate you, you will not get credit for your peers' assessment of you unless you are present and complete a form of your own.  Only in extreme circumstances will I accept a form at a time other than Tuesday morning.

If you want to think about these evaluations in advance (and I encourage you to do so), you may find the form here