CS130 Project, Part 0

(updated 6/8/2004)


Due Thursday, September 9, 2004

The purpose of this preliminary project check-point is to establish the topic and scope of the project and to establish the organization of the team that you will be using throughout the semester.  You will have engaged in discussions about these issues both in class and in other project meetings arranged amongst yourselves.  This document and presentation should reflect the discussions, decision processes, and decisions from those meetings.  You might think of this deliverable as a project proposal.  Essentially, we want to mutually establish our destination so that as the project progresses, we can all determine if we're off course, behind or ahead of schedule, or right on target.

Deliverable 0
The presentation and document should cover the following topics:
  1. What is the problem that will be addressed
  2. Why is it an interesting project
  3. Why is the scope of the problem being tackled such that it can be accomplished
  4. What is the team organization that will be employed
  5. Why does this team organization makes sense for this group and problem combination
  6. What are key areas of learning/research that will be needed
  7. What are the primary risks associated with the project
Be concise but do not leave out anything important. 

Note:  item 6 probably leads to several possible presentations or tutorials that will satisfy the individual presentation requirement for the course.  Be thinking about these opportunities as we progress because counting this proposal presentation, there are only six (6) formal presentations associated with project deliverables.  Thus, roughly half of you will be making non-deliverable presentations.  Do not be concerned about whether you end up presenting a deliverable or some other topic or tutorial; one is not considered more important than another.  For the purposes of the presentation, I am looking at the exercise of verbally communicating some technical material.

Acknowledgement:  The project assignments are extensively borrowed from Professor Richard Taylor's website at UCI.