CS130 Project, Part 2

(updated 9/23/2004)

Software Project Management Plan

Due Thursday, October 7, 2004

For your Software Project Management Plan (SPMP), you will be using the IEEE prescribed standard (IEEE 1058.1, 1987).  The template consists of the following sections, the contents of which are described in your text.  A revised version of the SPMP is defined in this document; the organization is somewhat different from what I want you to use, but you can gain ideas about what content the different sections should contain.  You can also see some examples of the earlier format: ex1, ex2, ex3.

1. Introduction
1.1 Project Overview
1.2 Project Deliverables
1.3 Evolution of the SPMP
1.4 Reference Materials
1.5 Definitions and Acronyms
2. Project Organization
2.1 Process Model
2.2 Organizational Structure
2.3 Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces
2.4 Project Responsibilities
3. Managerial Process
3.1 Management Objectives and Priorities
3.2 Assumptions, Dependencies, and Constraints
3.3 Risk Management
3.4 Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms
3.5 Staffing Plan
4. Technical Process
4.1 Methods, Tools, and Techniques
4.2 Software Documentation
4.3 Project Support Functions
5. Work Packages, Schedule, and Budget
5.1 Work Packages
5.2 Dependencies
5.3 Resources Requirements
5.4 Budget and Resource Allocation
5.5 Schedule
Additional components as needed

I assume that as a group you will collectively review and test your SPMP.  The presentation will simply cover the elements in the plan, pointing to or highlighting various aspects.  Remember to settle on a project style guide/format and stick to it throughout the semester for each of the deliverables.  Also, remember to keep a copy of the SPMP for your archive.

Acknowledgement:  The project assignments are extensively borrowed from Professor Richard Taylor's website at UCI.