CS130 Project, Part 5

(updated 9/13/2004)

Final Integration and Acceptance

Due Thursday, December 9, 2004


For this portion of the project, you will conduct your previously specified acceptance test and hand-off the final code-base together with all associated documentation (do not forget your updated log book).  These may be delivered in electronic form via CD or web url.  There is no specific document deliverable for this final phase.  Make sure you bundle the final versions of all previous documents, your current version code-base, and the user-documentation.

The script for the acceptance test should be submitted at least one day in advance of the due date.  In class, we will run through the script. 

This is the final element of your project.  Congratulations.  Be sure to keep and distribute copies of this to the team members. 

  The project assignments are extensively based on those of Professor Richard Taylor at UCI.