CS130 -- Software Development
Fall, 2004
Reading and Analysis 2

Read Chapters 3 through 10 from Brooks's The Mythical Man-Month.  In these chapters, Brooks describes various aspects of building large software products.  These aspects include team organization, architecture and design, requirements and specifications, planning and scheduling, and documentation.  Basically, Brooks gives us a glimpse into the mindset of Software Engineering in 1975.  Much of the writing reveals various historically dated details; surprisingly, most of the ideas are as valid today as they were then. 

In your analysis, I want you to reflect on how and why it is that we observe this contrast between the blindingly rapid change in technology and the glacially moving progress in system development practices.  Be sure to use Brooks's accounts and claims in your reasoning and argument.

Refer to the general comments on these assignments for reminders on what is expected.