CS130 -- Software Development
Fall, 2004
Reading and Analysis 5

At this point, you should have read the online paper, Homesteading the Noosphere, by Eric S. Raymond.  (If at all possible, read the Raymond paper online instead of printing it out; then reflect on issues related to a "paperless society" and reading online vs. hardcopy.  If you want to download the paper in one chuck, go up a level from the given link.)  Raymond's paper ranges far and wide over the territory of ideas, or Noosphere.  Much of the paper describes pioneering activities and patterns of those activities within the territory of ideas.  But in places, he also prescribes structures that should guide the ongoing exploration of this intellectual landscape.

I want you to analyze and critique Raymond's assessment of the open-source situation.  In particular, I expect you to consider whether or not norms and tendencies in the "real" world are shaping behavior in the idea world.  Then based on your determination, discuss whether or not that transference (or lack thereof) is a "good" thing.  Your position should be fully established and supported on the basis of claims made in the paper and your reasoning about those.

Refer to the general comments on these assignments for reminders on what is expected.