CS150 -- Machine Learning
Spring, 2008
Grade Selection
(last updated 1/6/2008)

For this course, I am allowing/requiring students to select the grade they desire. Grades will be based on the descriptions below. During the semester, if the quality of a student's work threatens the grade she has selected, I will schedule a consultation with the student. We will discuss the respects in which the work is inadequate and remedies to restore the desired grade. My intention here is to take the focus off the grade and to restore it to the learning process. In addition, I expect students to take more responsibility for what they put into the learning process -- and thereby for what they get out of it. Submit your selection via Eureka.

Grade Descriptions

D: Read the material, participate occasionally, turn in projects and assignments.
Semester work resulting in a D will be substandard. Students will have read the required material but will not have expended much effort in trying to understand it. In class discussion, students doing work at the D level will rarely participate, and their participation will not reflect either an engagement with and understanding of the material, nor any curiosity in the form of insightful questions. Project submissions will be substantially incomplete and not fully functional.

C: Through regular class participation, demonstrate understanding of most of the material and ask questions where understanding is not achieved.  Projects complete but not fully functional. Assignments complete and correct.
Semester work at the C level will reflect a fair or good understanding of the material. Students will have adequately prepared for class sessions by reading the material carefully, identified the key concepts, and expended effort understanding those concepts or formulating questions, the answers to which will enable such understanding. That is, consistent preparation may not yield full understanding. Beyond preparation, students will consistently participate in class through questions or responses to questions from others. Projects will be substantially complete although they may not be fully functional. Assignments will be complete and largely accurately responsive.

B: Regularly and consistently understand the material at a level where it can be explained to others. Regular and consistent participation in class with appropriate contributions and questions. Projects fully functional.
Work at the B level demonstrates thorough preparation and understanding, as well as consistent engagement in the class context. Project submissions are complete and fully functional. Assignments are complete and correct. Work at the B level is consistently without significant flaws.

A: Participation in class shows insightful understanding at a deep level and/or the ability to make connections with other classes within and outside computer science.  Projects are completed with a sense of elegance.
Students exhibiting A work are doing something exceptional -- but not impossible.