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The Course

Patristic Theology: Introduction

Rules of the Game
A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing
Pointers for Presentations
Peer Review Guidelines
(Peer Review FAQs are optional)

9/30 Making All Things New: The Ancient Substructure of Christian Faith Richardson pp 13-32  
9/30 "Of All Nations": Christian Faith between Judaism and Paganism

Wilken ch 1 Hall ch 1

10/7 Worship as Theology (and History Too)

Wilken ch 2 Hall ch 2

Discussion: Richardson pp 161-204

10/7 The World of Scripture

Wilken ch 3 Hall chs 3, 10-11 Ehrman pt 1 (chs 1-4)


Make Your Defense: Theological Argumentation

Exercise on Scripture due (revision due 10/21)

Wilken ch 7 Hall ch 5

Discussion: Richardson pp 205-224

Discussion: Richardson pp 225-289

Discussion: Richardson pp 290-342

10/21 New Old Stories: Persecution's Theological Lessons

Wilken ch 9 Richardson pp 121-160


Standardization: Canons, Creeds, and Councils

Hall chs 6, 8-9

Discussion: Richardson pp 33-120


Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit: The Development of Trinitarian Doctrine

Wilken ch 4 Hall chs 7, 15-16 Allison chs 1-3


The Scope of the Story: Creation

Exercise on the Church due (revision due 11/4)

Wilken ch 6 Hall ch 4

Discussion: Richardson pp 343-398


Jesus, Human and Divine: The Development of Christological Doctrine

Wilken ch 5 Hall chs 13, 20-21

Discussion: Allison chs 4-5

Discussion: Allison chs 6-9


The Shape of Human History: From Fellowship to Establishment

Exercise on creedal theology due (revision due 11/18)

Wilken ch 8 Hall chs 12, 14, 22

Discussion: Ehrman pt 2 (chs 5-8)


From Iconoclasm to the 'Triumph of Orthodoxy': Representation, Inculturation, and Theological Aesthetics

Memorize Nicene Creed by today

Wilken ch 10

Discussion: Ehrman pt 3 (chs 8-12)


The Original Jesus Freaks: Discipleship, Monasticism, and Spirituality

Exercise on a prayerful response to the course due (revision due 12/9)

Hall chs 17-18 Allison ch 10

Discussion: Wilken chs 11-12


My Grace Is Sufficient: Augustine at the Ends of the Ages

Revised exercise on entrance exam due

Hall ch 19

Discussion: Augustine Confessions bks 1-10 (multiple presenters OK)


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