Reflection on the Bible in a Different World

Ann Monroe is showing us ways the Bible is being put to use in church and academic contexts across America. At the same time, Anderson's and Moore's In Search of the Source and parts of Hopkins' A World Full of Gods are showing us ways the Bible has been put to use in other, even more different contexts. This is your chance to do with those contexts what Monroe is doing with hers.

Pretend you are Ann Monroe. Answer this question: How does the Christian community in either Anderson and Moore (meaning the missionaries among the Folopa) or Hopkins chapter 6 use the Bible? Describe its place in that community's life — highlighting revealing passages, inserting editorial comments that make significant insights into what they reveal, and drawing lessons for us.

You may find Johnson and others helpful in offering a critical American backdrop for how either early Christians interacting with Jews and pagans or modern missionaries interacting with animistic Folopans used the Bible in distinctive ways.

Write in this course's standard essay format. Keep your response 3-4 double-spaced pages. Follow the directions in my handout for writing papers insofar as they apply. Remember, I want to see proper style, clear writing, a thorough answer to the question, and explicit citations of course materials.

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