Final Reflection

Thanks for wrestling over topics for a while in preparation for this assignment. I hope you find the frustrations pay off.

Write a curriculum for catechesis at a local church or parachurch ministry (including a Christian school, mission training program, etc.). Using our course materials richly yet efficiently, do the following:

List and justify your goals (with a view to contextual considerations such as setting, audience, and cultural qualities and challenges) and how those goals align theologically with God's purpose and work.

List and defend your choice of topics (Some or all of the ones in Luther's Catechism, or in some other catechism? Church history? Biblical introductions?).

Choose and defend your pedagogical strategies.

I hope you can see how each of our readings pertains to one or more of these elements of your answer!

I don't have any particular format in mind for your answer. You don't have to do all these things in the above order, for instance. You might list a goal, a corresponding strategy, and one or more relevant topics, then go to the next goal and so on. Or you might choose an overriding contextual consideration (apathy? intergenerational disconnects?) and locate all your answers accordingly.

Please keep your paper four pages, double-spaced, and follow the directions in my suggestions for writing papers.

Remember, I want to see proper style, clear writing, a thorough answer to the question, and explicit citations of course materials.

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