The Course

This 4-unit seminar course is open to RS majors and minors, and to others by permission. It explores the doctrine of humanity in Christian theological perspective, in conversation and sometimes conflict with rival visions of humanity, including the modern academic disciplines of philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. The course fulfills elective requirements toward the RS major and minor and the GE writing requirement. Introduction to Christian Doctrine (rs20) or the equivalent is a prerequisite.

Interactions among various visions of what it means to be human are at the root of many of the movements, unquestioned assumptions, institutions, behaviors, and expectations that direct our lives. We are often unaware of how powerful they are in shaping our lives and imaginations. This course introduces you to key Christian teachings in theological anthropology, as well as anthropologies that were rivals in Jesus' day (such as Aristotle's and Plato's philosophies) and have developed with Christianity and even in opposition to it.

Rules of the Game
A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing
Pointers for Presentations
Peer Review Guidelines
Review Form (PDF)