The Course

This 4-unit course is an "upper-division seminar course open to RS majors and minors (others by permission)" (Undergraduate Catalog). Our topic is the theological interpretation of the Bible, with specific attention to selected biblical texts. It draws on biblical studies (in the textual and contextual study of biblical texts of Old and New Testaments), theological history (in the history of exegesis, which both reflects and drives historical theology and church history), systematic theology (in the theological warrants for treating biblical texts as Holy Scripture, with all that implies about God, revelation, Israel, Jesus, the Church, and the like), and hermeneutics (the study or science of interpretation).

The course helps fulfill the theological/historical studies emphasis of the religious studies major, and the systematic theology upper-division elective of both the major and the minor. Of the General Education requirements, it meets the Writing for the Liberal Arts, Writing outside the Major, or Writing within the Major component. Its synthetic character also fulfills the Integrating the Major Discipline requirement. Introduction to Christian Doctrine (rs20) is a formal prerequisite; Life and Literature of the Old Testament (rs1) and the New Testament (rs10) are helpful.

More information on the structure and substance of the course is in the introductory lecture.

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