Vision and Goals

I believe God sees this course as a fellowship. We are a team brought together for a season of growth through mutual training, challenge, equipping, and discipline. All these serve the ends that every participant attain new and lasting appreciation for disciplined thinking in the Christian tradition, and every participating follower of Jesus gain new and lasting skill in the Church's practices of theological reflection. More specifically, the course intends its participants:

More specifically, the course intends its participants:

  • To work together as colleagues in Christian liberal arts education in a fellowship whose relationships and tasks embody the Kingdom of God. These tasks require and foster strengthened academic discipline, particularly regarding good writing, listening, and critical reading.
  • To hear and respond to the gospel by becoming better readers and interpreters of Holy Scripture and more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. In the context of this particular class, this manifests itself in active corporate and personal engagement with the discipline of orthodox Christian theological exegesis.
  • To become familiar with the shape of the Christian tradition that conserves, pursues, and deepens its appreciation of Holy Scripture as the Word of God. Theologically this involves grasping the centrality of Jesus Christ and his gospel to the whole Bible and all Christian worship, doctrine, and life. Historically it entails learning to appreciate and weigh the variety, stability, and core consistency of Christian biblical practices as well as their social and ideological contexts. Exegetically it means gaining facility in faithful, responsible, imaginative Christian biblical practices. Ecclesially it involves deliberate efforts to become actively and personally engaged with the discipline of faithful Christian theological exegesis in the context of the life of the Church.
  • I describe the general goals of all my courses in my rules of the game.

    Rules of the Game
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