Reflection on Christian Pedagogy

Our main sources (McKim, Newbigin, Brownson's team, Barth, Yoder, myself, and our other authors) are all teachers of the Christian tradition. This course has been preparing you to become a teacher as well, whether you do it in your own home, in your circle of acquaintances, in a small group, or in a church or classroom setting.

I explain some of my pedagogical goals and strategies in the syllabus, as well as here and here. Our other authors sometimes hint at their methods in their introductions and main arguments. You can learn even more by inference.

Choose two teachers from among your course materials (honors students must choose at least one from the special honors readings). Compare and contrast our rhetorical and pedagogical strategies (that is, the way you think each of the two of us teaches the faith). For what kind of transformation do we seem to aim? How do we and don't we succeed? What are our strengths and weaknesses? How has your opinion changed over the course of your exposure to that teacher (and, if applicable, since your first reflection)? Use specific examples to support your claims. (Your grade will not be affected by whether you praise or criticize any of us, only by how well you praise and criticize!)

Please keep your paper three pages, double-spaced, and follow the directions in my handout for writing papers. Focus on the chapter in Harvey you have had the most trouble with so far. Remember, I want to see proper style, clear writing, a thorough answer to the question, and explicit citations of course materials.

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