Reflection on the Kingdom of God

Lee Camp, Stanley Hauerwas, Jonathan Wilson, and I all argue for the present reality of the Kingdom of God inaugurated during Jesus' messianic career. What might that reality look like?

Review the descriptions of the Kingdom of God in lectures, Newbigin, and especially either Camp and Wilson or Hauerwas. Look for one especially plausible sign that the Kingdom of God is present today through a person or group of people whose prophetic, priestly, or royal work is a continuation of Jesus' own. This might be something you have seen in your life, or in the lives of those you know, or in the news. Test that sign in terms of (1) biblical images, (2) the above readings, (3) lectures on the Threefold Office, and (4) the objections and alternative explanations of 'religious belief' in Narciso or E.O. Wilson. These are your interpretive keys to discerning whether it is a sign of the Kingdom or of something else. If you see no such sign, or instead want to describe a "false sign," then make your case using the same terms.

Follow the directions in my chatting to learn and to teach and my handout for writing papers. Remember, I want to see proper style, clear writing, a thorough answer to the question, and explicit citations of course materials.

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